Last week we touched on the topic of engagement ring shopping as a couple, but now it is time for the fun part; an AR consultation!  

Our design team works individually with clients to help find & create one-of-a-kind pieces that tell your story. Whether yours is a tale of style, passion, adventure, or love, Alexis Russell is your partner in craftsmanship and unique expression. We offer in-person consultations but if you can’t make it here, we provide the same personal touch through the wonders of the internet. 

a glimpse inside an AR engagement consultation

At this point, you should have done your research on what kind of ring you believe is going to best fit your lifestyle. In case you haven’t, you should be able to provide answers to the below. These questions are what help our design team curate a fully personalized consultation experience, regardless of it being in-person or virtual.

Review these questions to get the most out of your AR consultation

An AR recommendation - think about your stack goals. It may sound silly but it is something to consider before shopping. If you are looking for the ultimate stack look, you will want to keep your engagement ring on the minimal side to allow for multiple stackers. If stacking isn’t your priority, you can go all out with your engagement ring! 

To make your experience a breeze we wanted to share some frequently asked questions when it comes to our in-studio and virtual consultations. We hope this prepares you all for what to expect! 

How do I schedule a consultation? All you have to do is purchase an In-Person Consultation and schedule an appointment! Our in-studio consultations are by appointment only at our Buffalo, NY studio Tuesday through Friday. 

After you purchase your appointment, our service team will reach out via email to help curate your consultation to include the diamonds & gemstones you want to see the most.

How long can we expect to be in the studio? This can range for each couple. We have had consultations take as quickly as 30 minutes. On average we suggest budgeting for 1 hour, as you never want to feel rushed. 

An AR Recommendation: In order to keep this experience memorable and special, we suggest planning a whole day around your consultation. Make a reservation for brunch prior and grab some drinks after! If you ever need recommendations just ask :)

Who should come? We recommend leaving family members and friends at home. Remember this is a special moment within your relationship and we have seen far too many times someone overstepping and deterring a couple away from a style they love! What matters most is what you and your partner think of a ring!

Why do I need to fill out the AR consultation form? Our consultations are a fully personalized experience to meet your very specific needs. In order to make the absolute most of our time together, we need to know exactly what you are interested in! We do not have a traditional storefront, which means each and every ring/stone is pulled from our inventory specifically for your appointment.

custom stones and in-stock rings!

How is a consultation set up? Can I see your full inventory? ? In addition to what you call out on your consultations form, we will also hand-select rings and stones that complement the information you provided us, so that when you walk into your appointment you are welcomed to a full table of breathtaking options! At first, this may feel overwhelming but our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way to help you navigate. Be sure, to be honest, and transparent with our team and ask any questions that you feel are necessary! We always will have someone standing by to pull other options if need be!

An AR recommendation - be open to trying on all different shapes, sizes, & styles. We have experienced countless times where couples come in with a design in mind & end up picking a completely different look.  Just like a wedding dress, you will want to try all different looks to make sure you find the one that works for you.

What if we don’t know our ring size? Don’t worry, it is not uncommon to start off with not knowing your ring size! We personally offer a plastic ring sizer that can be ordered directly from our site. This is a great option that can be used over and over again and allows you to figure out your size in the comfort of your home. If you prefer a little more assistance, just make your way to your local jeweler, as they will be happy to size you both! We of course can always size you here, in our studio as well!

 Trying on your favorite engagement rings!

Can I take photos during the appointment? Yes, of course! We highly encourage you to take photos. This is a great resource for you to reference when making your final decision. For our virtual consultations, we highly suggest you saving/downloading any photos you like for easy reference!

Can we set up a Zoom call? Our virtual consultations are handled via email and phone calls. We have experienced this as being the most efficient way to cater to our clients. This technique allows for a more fluid approach, without adding any pressure or time restraints. You will be given photos and videos of any stones/rings you are eyeing, allowing you to compare them all and make a confident decision.

Can we see a mock-up? Yes! We can send photos/videos of your top ring(s) paired with different stacking bands, as well as your favorite stone(s) on the different colored gold and style bands that we offer. Unfortunately, because everything is handcrafted to order for any custom mock-ups we cannot show certain settings, but we will also do our best to find a similar ring to help you visualize. After purchase, we can also provide a CAD rendering for ease of mind. 

Narrowing down your favorite Salt & Pepper Diamond!

What are my payment options? We understand that your engagement rings are an investment, because of that, we have a few options to help your payment process easy! We work with a 3rd-party vendor called AFFIRM. You can create an account with them and break your payment into installments. We also offer a 50% deposit, which is directly through Alexis Russell. This allows you to secure your item, giving you up to 8 weeks to pay off the remaining balance. Keep in mind that if you move forward with the 50% deposit, we do require full payment prior to production and shipment. 

AR Recommendation: If you plan on purchasing the same day of your consultations, we highly encourage you to reach out to your bank and make them aware. To keep you safe, banks will block high-volume purchases, and handling this ahead of time can save you time and stress. The same goes for online orders. It is always a good idea to check with your bank/credit provider prior to purchasing to ensure a seamless checkout process.

How quickly can we get our ring(s)? All of our jewelry is handcrafted here in upstate NY. We do our best to accommodate turnaround times, but we value our craftsmanship and do not want to rush our team. In-stock rings typically need to be resized and given a quick polish before getting sent out, which can take 3-5 business days. If you are looking to make any alteration to an in-stock ring your turnaround time can increase. If you are going the custom route you can expect 4-5 weeks before you receive your ring. Please keep this in mind and allow yourself and our team members the appropriate time to create your ring(s). These turnaround times can fluctuate depending on the time of year, and if possible we can always discuss the possibility of expediting your order. 

An AR stack

Should we be picking out our wedding/stacking bands now? This is truly a personal preference. We do like to express that all of our stacking and wedding bands are handcrafted to order to fit/stack perfectly with your engagement ring. Because of the custom nature, we do always request to have the engagement ring in our studio to ensure that perfect fit/stack. We will be diving deeper in this process with a journal post coming soon! 

Is there a question you have that we didn’t address? If so please reach out to our service team, We understand this process can be overwhelming, especially with it being virtual. Please know all of us here at Alexis Russell are here to help anyway we can!

Now for our creative couples, we will be reviewing the custom engagement process next! We are going to follow the journey of a recent custom ring from a couple’s initial inspiration to their magical proposal! For any of our recent engaged couples, make sure to show us with #ARVOW

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